24 Hours with Mark Harp

1AM - The Early Years
Very early songs and recordings, mostly historical or hysterical.


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2.8M 01 Ivedge Horizon Blues (Harp/Harting) One of the earliest surviving tapes I have, from 1973, featuring the late Skip Harting on piano and Mark on guitar, jamming into an 8-track cartridge recorder at Ivedge Horizon, Skip's house.
5.3M 02 Mold & Mildew - Our Love Will Go On (Wran) Recorded 1975 at a talent show at Dundalk Community College by Denise Rakowski and Sam Dashiell with a cassette deck, Mike Wran on guitar and Mark on piano. The MC was John Hamilton.
3.6M 03 Mold, Mildew, & Sam - Oh My Life (Wran) From another talent show at Dundalk Community College in 1976, John Hamilton is your host, Mike Wran is Mildew, I'm Mold, and Sam is Sam. Remote recording by Denise Rakowski.
3.0M 04 Foreign Film Theme (Harp) 1980, bouncing tracks between two cassette recorders, using a Casio VL-Tone and some echo pedal, at home.
1.3M 05 Egg (Harp) 1981, John Chriest's apartment, bouncing tracks on a reel to reel, using a Casio VL-Tone and a BeeGees rhythm machine with John on bass
3.2M 06 Glickus (Harp, Chriest, Lightfoot) 1982 at John Chriest's apartment with Norma Lightfoot, bouncing tracks on a reel to reel, a song that still makes me smile
3.7M 07 Brush The Zebra (Harp, Wran) 1982 or so, Mike Wran's reel to reel 4-track in his basement, trying to rap with a cool little drum box and some guitars.
4.7M 08 I'm Sorry, But... (Harp) 1983, Studio North, first time in a studio alone, wrote this on the spot and recorded and mixed in a day. Thanks to Buck for paying.
1.6M 09 Mike Wran - Just So Far (Wran) In 1983 Mike Wran wanted to record an album and asked for my help, we did a few tracks then had another falling out and never finished. This track has Mike on vocals & keys and Mark on drum programming, vocals, keys, & the lyrics.
1.0M 10 Mike Wran - Uh Oh (Wran) 1984, Studio North, Fallston, with Steve and George engineering, Mark Harp on bass and drum machine, Mike Wran on vocals & guitars.
2.5M 11 Coming Inside Of Nothing (Harp) 1985, Mark King's 4-track, written on the spot.
4.4M 12 Dating The Wrestlers (Harp) 1985, Mark King's 4-track, with Mr. King on backing vocals and keyboards, it's just another song about dating professional wrestlers.
2.5M 13 Girl Don't Wanna (Harp) 1987, 4-track, Mike DeJong on sax, a peppy ska song.
4.5M 14 Follow The Leader (Harp) 1987, 4-track, this song later mutated into a song called Big Gold Mountain and appears elsewhere in this collection. This version concerns a local band and a nasty live show opening for them.
3.7M 15 4 Score And 7 Years Ago (Harp) 4-track, 1987, Mike DeJong on saxes, Abe Lincoln on our minds.
3.1M 16 I Was Just Talking To You (Harp) A 4-track recording from 1987, perhaps an early experiment in neo-psychedelia, with Mike DeJong backwards.
3.2M 17 Rappahannock (Harp, Wran, DeJong) From 1987, a 4-track recording featuring Mike DeJong and Mike Wran on the choruses.
  4.1M 18 Let's Go To The Doctor's (Harp) A 4-track recording from 1987 with nice guitar and stupid stupid lyrics. I can't believe I am sharing this song with you people.

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