24 Hours with Mark Harp

2PM - Mark Harp - Jeffrey
Jeffrey... what can we say about Jeffrey? It's made up of a bunch of tracks recorded at home on the new 4-track, and a few other tracks just seemed to fit. This is not a collection of leftovers, however, it's a collection of experiments and very strange musics designed to make you feel different about things.


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3.0M 01 Gossip 1987, one of the first songs when I got a 4-track, certainly an odd one with the weird time signatures and all that.
4.4M 02 The Look Of Real Wood Unusual song from 1990 or so, features a story. I don't tell a lot of stories, so enjoy.
4.2M 03 DMZ 1987 or so, a 4-track recording by me and Mike DeJong with Dave's father on sax, it's all about the world's largest bass player, Dave Zidek.
3.0M 04 Shipwrecked 1987, a Casio and the 4-track, Mike DeJong and me, adrift and adroit.
1.8M 05 I Know What She Was Wearing Oh yeah, this one is from lower Hell. Or Dundalk. Me on the 4-track when I should have been elsewhere.
  4.8M 06 37 Boys Not too sure about this one, recorded after recording some other song with the same instrument settings, um...  
  4.6M 07 Jason From 1988, featuring me and Mike DeJong, this song is about our then-new friend Jason Willett..  
  2.5M 08 Country Skinhead From the basement in 1987, featuring me, Mike DeJong, and probably Dave Zidek, this track speaks for itself, a country-hip hop hybrid.  
4.8M 09 Theme From "Eastpoint" Really don't remember much about this one, seems to be from the old basement 1987 or 1988.
  6.4M 10 Footsie Blues Related to a Globetrotters song, this is just me reworking the original and playing a bunch of guitar. Recorded July 27, 1992.  
  6.1M 11 Sharon Tate Featuring Michele Kappel on vocals with Brian and Jason from the band Meatjack, Mike DeJong, and me, recorded in White Marsh 7-22-92.  
  8.9M 12 Boa Constrictor Jack O'Dell on the drum pads and guitar, Mike DeJong on sax, me on bass, and Michele Kappel on vocals, recorded 12-29-91 out in old White Marsh. This is a Globetrotters extra too long for the regular series.  
  8.3M 13 Jeffrey  Recorded in the basement in 1988 or so, Jeffrey made me record this, so blame him.  

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