24 Hours with Mark Harp

4PM - Mark Harp - Ridin' Hard
The soundtrack to an imaginary sequel to Easy Rider, and a few other harder edged tracks. What were we thinking?


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7.5M 01 Ridin' Hard (Harp-DeJong)   Me on vocals & guitars & Mike DeJong on sampler
3.8M 02 Carbon Monoxide (Wran-Harp-DeJong)  Featuring Mike Wran on the vocals, with me & Mike DeJong at the samplers. Most of this stuff was recorded at home in the early 90's.
6.1M 03 Die Dealer Die (Harp-DeJong)  Me & Mike DeJong, that's Mike on vocals.
5.3M 04 Under Scrutiny (Harp)  Me solo, that's not a guitar.
5.9M 05 Throw That D (Harp-DeJong)  Me & Mike DeJong on samplers with Marty & Leslie Miller wooin' and weein'.
  4.1M 06 Shut The Kid Up (Harp) Me solo, the baby from downstairs played by Brandon Welch, the Queen of Results.    
  4.1M 07 I'm The Kinda Guy (Harp) Me solo.  
  4.6M 08 I'm Not Lucid Now (Harp)  Me solo, released on the Smirk Titter And Wink compilation CD in 1994.  
4.1M 09 WORD (Harp-DeJong) Me & Mike DeJong on samplers, Mike on vocals 
  6.1M 10 R.A.I.D. (Harp-DeJong)  Me & Mike DeJong on samplers, Me on vocals, released on Curtis Bay's CD Genuine Low in 1997.  
  2.7M 11 God Built My Motorbike (Harp) Me solo.  
  5.9M 12 How It Up (Harp-DeJong) Me and Mike DeJong on sampler, Glenn Hammett on "the black kitchen"  

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