24 Hours with Mark Harp

6PM - Step 3 - Rejected Local Show Themes
In 1991 Step 3 wrote and recorded 54 different 2 minute long themes for the local music program on WCVT, the idea being to have a new and different theme to open the show each week. Well, three weeks after giving the tape to the show's host the station changed formats and all was lost, until now. Here's 30 of the little beauties.


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1.9M 01 Savage Street  
1.9M 02 Local Music Show  
1.9M 03 Rubber Martha  
1.9M 04 Psychedelic Music  
1.9M 05 Push, Boy, Push!  
1.9M 06 Sweatin' To The Oldies  
2.0M 07 Halengrober  
1.9M 08 The Junction  
2.0M 09 Big Ed's Gas Farm  
2.0M 10 Cowdown  
  2.0M 11 Table Tennis    
  1.9M 12 God Of Planets    
  1.9M 13 Bumpin' Eggs    
  1.9M 14 Local Polka Show    
  2.0M 15 Oogum Waggum    
  2.0M 16 Liberal Family    
  1.9M 17 Nobody Home    
1.8M 18 Big Truck  
  1.9M 19 Funky Spy Theme    
  2.0M 20 Going Downstairs    
1.8M 21 Ladies and Gentlemen, Chico!  
  1.9M 22 Cloverland    
  2.0M 23 Jungle Bunny    
  1.9M 24 Sploink!    
  2.0M 25 A Nutty Time    
1.9M 26 Makes Mike Wran Cry  
  2.0M 27 Here's My Tip    
  2.0M 28 Louie's Headache    
  1.9M 29 The Retarded One    
2.0M 30 So The Hour  

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