24 Hours with Mark Harp

A collection of musics and soundscapes done expressly for the shows they were featured in.


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  573.0K 01 IIA Theme Written for the film-like beginning of The Water Engine by IIA Theater in 1992.  
  1.5M 02 Bathhouse Theme From Mayakovsky's Bathhouse IIA 1991  
  1.5M 03 Bathhouse Theme 2 (Harp-DeJong) From Mayakovsky's Bathhouse IIA 1991  
  5.1M 04 Ghost Dance (Malone-Harp) From Columbus, A Ghost Story by Kirby Malone - Mark Harp - Vocals, guitar, sampler - Janel Bosies - Vocals - Ursula Vargus - Cello
1137 Studios w/Leo & Beef 1992
  3.8M 05 Bishop Tutu (Malone-Harp) From Columbus, Mark Harp on vocals, guitar and sampler, released on a compilation CD called Smirk, Titter & Wink 1994  
  7.6M 06 Europe In The Dark Ages (Malone-Harp) From Columbus, features Mark Harp - sampler and vocals, Janel Bosies - vocals, Joe Robinson - Guitar, Ursula Vargus - Cello - 
1137 Studios w/Leo 1992
  137.1K 07 Square Dance From Columbus 1992  
  4.0M 08 The Water Engine Theme Mixed between scenes and streetscapes, from the IIA production, Theater Project, 1992  
  3.8M 09 Water Engine Not used in The Water Engine by David Mamet 1992 Theater Project Baltimore, made from soundscape parts with a sampler.  
  4.5M 10 Law Of The Jungle Not from The Artificial Jungle but made to amuse the cast, Theater Project 1993  
  3.5M 11 A Touch Of Felix From The Adventures of Felix by Tony Tsendeas. Recorded at El Gordo, it played at the opening of the show while the audience sat in the dark. 1995.  
  6.2M 12 What Where Not used in Beckettland but made from parts of the soundscapes of the show. 1994.  
  2.9M 13 Theme From Double-0 Xmas or I Was A Reindeer for the CIA - features Melissa Sharlat on lead with Mo Pula & Felicia Carter on bvox, Mark Harp on sampler & guitar - recorded 1137 Studio w/Leo 1995  
  5.3M 14 Double-0 Intermission (DeJong-Harp) A sampler heavy upbeat piece done just for the intermission music, to keep the audience a bit edgy. Recorded at El Gordo Bonita by Mike DeJong and Mark 1995.  
  1.9M 15 Overture from Flow My Tears From Desire Production's presentation of Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, by Philip K. Dick, Theater Project Baltimore, 1996. The Overture features Mark Harp on sampler, Sally Chang on violin, Mike DeJong on Melodica, and Augie Buchheit on drums.  
  998.5K 16 Nowhere Nuthin' F*ckup (Malone-Harp) There's a song with this title in the book and it was a lot of fun to write the rest of it. Features Jimi Kinstle and Kelli Danneker on lead vocals, Augie Buchheit on drums, Mark Harp on sampler, and Mike DeJong on keys.  
  713.5K 17 Blue Blue Blues (Malone-Harp) A hit record by the play's main character, Jason Taverner. Features Augie Buchheit on drums, Mike DeJong on keys, Mark Harp on fretless bass, and Jimi Kinstle on the vocals.  
  1.4M 18 The Waiter's Song (Malone-Harp) From a restaurant scene in Flow My Tears, features Angela Crepeau, Ramona Pula, Nora Pierce, and Hector on vocals, Mike DeJong on melodica, Mark Harp on guitar.  
  2.0M 19 Firebright (Malone-Harp) Not used in the production of Flow My Tears but an important part of the preproduction. Mark on vocals, guitar, and table tapping.  
 All tracks written by Mark Harp unless noted

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