24 Hours with Mark Harp

8AM - Timmy - Molly
Timmy is a mannequin who controls the random play of sound effects on CD decks. On top of this a crew of talented musicians and vocalists free-form for an hour.


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8.7M 01 Timmy - Molly part one Timmy is a boy mannequin who stood next to my stereo and seemed to affect the random play selections. 
8.7M 02 Timmy - Molly part two  I loaded two 5-disc CD players with sound effects and let Timmy control the mix.
8.8M 03 Timmy - Molly part three  Meanwhile a number of talented Baltimore musicians and singers let loose with a freeform blast of something or other, recorded direct to DAT.
8.7M 04 Timmy - Molly part four  We recorded over 22 hours of material over the course of three years, then I moved and it slowly turned into Globetrotters.
8.8M 05 Timmy - Molly part five  On Molly  the cast includes Timmy on sound effects, Mark Harp on vocals, sampler programming, sax, and trombone, Mike DeJong on vocals, sampler, and sax, Mike Wran on vocals and molly,
9.0M 06 Timmy - Molly part six Dave Zidek on vocals and tamborine, Keith Wertz on vocals and madness, and the ever-late Stoc Markut on loud vocals.
6.4M 07 Timmy - It's You That I Love BONUS TRACK from 1990, it's just Timmy and Mark burning some tape up.

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