24 Hours with Mark Harp

9AM - Mark Harp - Other Bands
The Diamondheads, Motor Morons, The Beatoes, Rick Wright, Pornflakes, & Pro Bowler Corky Neidermayer - other bands and personalities. 


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2.9M 01 Pornflakes - Get With It (Hillman) I was a member of Pornflakes from 1992 to 1995, after leaving I programmed this song into the samplers and they recorded vocals at Track In The Box in 1996.
4.5M 02 Mark Harp & Snackie - The Throwdown (Hillman-Harp)  Recorded in 1994, written by the two boys, no fistfights occured.
2.4M 03 The Diamondheads - Dented Fender (Harp) The Diamondheads play traditional and original surf, I was the bass player from 2000/2004. This is from the debut CD.
2.8M 04 The Diamondheads - Waving (Harp) From the debut CD.
2.2M 05 The Diamondheads - Big Daddy Dirtpile (Harp) Me on guitar, recorded live on Phil Dirt's Surf's Up radio show 8/03.
  2.4M 06 The Diamondheads - Night Surf (Harp) I play guitar, bass and piano, also from the debut CD.  
  4.3M 07 Rick Wright - Big Cherokee Beat (Wright) Rick is an old friend, we recorded a batch of songs from 1988 to 1991 with Rick singing and playing guitar and me on sampler, guitar, and arrangements. Really good stuff from a talented guy.  
  1.6M 08 Motor Morons - 318 (Motor Morons) I've been a member of the Motor Morons since 1998, playing an well-tuned 4 string guitar. These tracks were recorded live at the Ottobar 8-30-02.  
  2.3M 09 Motor Morons - No Brakes (Motor Morons)    
  2.1M 10 Motor Morons - Urinal Cakes (Motor Morons)    
  1.6M 11 Motor Morons - Sideswiped (Motor Morons)    
  2.4M 12 Motor Morons - Gossipland (Motor Morons)    
  2.0M 13 Motor Morons - Push Button Transmission (Motor Morons)    
  1.7M 14 Motor Morons - Rexy Mamba (Motor Morons)    
  1.7M 15 Motor Morons - Car's Too Old (Motor Morons)    
  1.4M 16 Motor Morons - Bad Over (Motor Morons)    
  2.7M 17 Motor Morons - Big Truck (Motor Morons)    
  1.6M 18 Motor Morons - Moron Party (Motor Morons)    
2.9M 19 The Beatoes - I'm Too Ugly For M-TV (Dennstaedt-Harp) Recorded in 1983 at Studio North with Chris Poverty on vocals, Ceil Stranka and Buck Awf on backing vocals, released on UK Spud records 1984.
  1.9M 20 The Beatoes - Unemployed Videoid Blues (Dennstaedt-Harp) The B-side of the MTV single, recorded at Danny's in about 1982. Yatta yatta yatta.  
  2.9M 21 Corky Neidermayer - Bowling With You (Neidermayer) Corky's immortal bowling love song. Recorded at Mark King's apartment with Mark King on keys and backing vocals. 1984  
  3.5M 22 Corky Neidermayer - Bowling All Around The World pt 1 (Neidermayer) Mr. Neidermayer only recorded 3 songs, this is half of one of them  
  3.6M 23 Corky Neidermayer - Bowling All Around The World pt 2 (Neidermayer) Part two of Corky's love theme for bowlers & lovers everywhere, recorded in 1988 with Chris, Liz, and Mike  
4.0M 24 Corky Neidermayer - Bowling With You Cameo mix (Neidermayer) 1992 - No explanation is available or needed.

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