24 Hours with Mark Harp

9PM - The Mark Harp Band 2
This stuff is from 1989 to 1996 and includes the Interrobang 12", a theme Mark rewrote for a sitcom pilot, and more. Lots more.


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3.5M 01 Moguls In Training (Harp) This is a rewrite of "Big Man" used as the theme for a failed TV sitcom pilot, 1991. Mike DeJong on saxes, Dave Zidek on bass, Jack Odell on drums and percussion, Leslie F. Miller on vocals. Remixed at Mainframe.
4.7M 02 Big Gold Mountain (Harp-Wright) Recorded at 1137 with Leo in 1990, Mike DeJong on the sax.
4.3M 03 Love's Hysterical (Harp-Wright) Recorded at 1137 in 1990 with Leo, features Leslie F. Miller on vocals. 3 chords.
4.0M 04 Naked Shots (Harp) Recorded in 1990 at 1137 Studios with Leo, it's a story based on a true story that was based on a true story that was heard by a friend of a friend's Uncle.
5.5M 05 Stupid Broad 2 (Harp) This is version 2. 1137 with Leo.
3.7M 06 Movie Dream remix (Harp) A radical remix by John Palumbo at the end of the album sessions in 1988, features Ben Watson on Jimi guitar and about 25 people at the end yelling and singing.
5.5M 07 Prepare Yourselves (Harp) Heavy. 1990. Me and Mike DeJong.
6.0M 08 Sex Obsession (Harp-DeJong) Released as an Interrobang 12" in 1989 on the Big Man label, won "best local single" from the Baltimore City Paper, got some airplay somewhere, I still have a box of them. Me and Mike DeJong on samplers and stuff.
4.8M 09 We Have The House Surrounded (Harp-DeJong) Released as the B-Side of the Interrobang single in 1989, it's Me and Mike DeJong in the living room learning about samplers and stuff.
4.7M 10 Love Tag (Connor-Harp) Written as an instrumental, then presented to Vigil's singer Jo Connor to write words and melody for, then recorded with Jo and Lisa Mathews on vocals with Mike DeJong on sax. 1993 I think.
2.4M 11 Night Surf (Harp) Recorded at home in 1996, I think they called this kind of song a "stroll" song back in the day.
1.6M 12 My Sick World (Harp) Recorded in Snackie's basement in 1996 or so, features me on everything but Snackie and Ricky Manis's backing vocals, and Kevin-Michael Moore on the microwave oven.
4.3M 13 The Cheese Stands Alone (Harp) From 1996 - a bitterly stupid man writes a bitter waltz and then proceeds to emulate it. Recorded in Bonnie's basement.
2.5M 14 Joey (Pula-Harp) Written with Ramona Pula while we were briefly in a band together, this demo version is all me. 1996, recorded in Bonnie's basement. Love ya Mo!

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