10 Hot Pepper For Health Benefits

Red pepper or red pepper is one of the herbs most often used to enhance taste. Although it has a spicy taste of cayenne pepper but still have fans and preferred by many people because in addition to being able to add delicious flavor to food, cayenne also has tremendous benefits very good for our health.
Well, what is the benefit of this red chili for health? Okay, for those of you who do not know the benefits of this red chili for the health of his then please see explanation below.
Red chili for health benefits

Red Chillies For Health Benefits

1. Make Being Healthy Digestion
During this time many people who say that red pepper is one cause of someone having digestive problems and stomach sick. It turned out to be not true because it turns out according to a study says that consuming red chili makes us become healthy digestion.
The content of capsaicin in red chili capable of stimulating both the digestive microorganisms that increase the absorption of nutrients for metabolic resources. Not only that, red peppers also useful for preventing chronic digestive disorders as well as killing the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.
2. Relieve Pain
Red chili contains vitamins A, C, dihidrokapsaisin, resin, dye kapsantin, carotene, kapsarubin, zeasantin, kriptosantin, clan lutein and capsaicin which is very good for health. The content of capsaicin in chili able inhibit the activity of the brain when their pain signals. With obstruction of pain signals are then of course will create pain or pain you feel will be reduced.
3. Boost Immunity
In addition to being able to make healthy digestion, consuming red chili peppers can also help boost the immune system making the body becomes more resistant to disease.
4. Lose Weight
To lose weight is in need of regular exercise and olaharaga. Now, in addition to exercise and diet turned out to consume chili peppers can also help reduce our weight tables. The content of capsaicin and dihydrocapasite contained in the red chili can help improve the energy expenditure for a few hours after we consume red chili. Not only that, the red chili can also help us to more quickly satisfied so we did not make too much to eat.

5. Breathing
Then the next red chilli benefits is being able to help smooth breathing. Hot and spicy taste of red pepper is able to stimulate sekreasi that help clear mucus in the nose and overcome tightness in the lungs so that our breathing becomes noticeably smooth.
6. Overcome Rheumatism
Rheumatism is a disease that is experienced by the people of Indonesia. Rheumatism can not only be solved with drugs, but also can dobati using natural means. One natural way to treat arthritis is to use red chili.
How to make a concoction of chili to overcome arthritis that you suffer is easy that you simply puree only approximately 10 grams of red pepper and then after a smooth then mix with half a glass of warm water. After that, apply the concoction of red pepper on the body experiencing arthritic pain due to exposure.
7. Treating Wounds Faster
For those of you who suffered injuries from sharp objects that can take advantage of red chilli to heal the wound. It’s easy enough that you just crushed red chili to taste and stick to the skin get hurt badly. Although it felt a little bit hot but the way it is able to accelerate the healing of wounds that you experience.
8. Treat Boils
Ulcer disease is not trivial because this disease is very annoying and makes us becoming awry, especially ulcers grow in the buttocks then it is definitely going to make us hard to sit.
Well, for those who at this moment is experiencing this disease then try to overcome by using red chili leaves. It’s easy, grab some fruit chili leaves and then wipe or wash with water. After that, apply the chili leaves with vegetable oil and then layukan over low heat. When it is wilted, the chili paste leaves while warm on the skin there are ulcers.
9. Prevent Stroke
The content of capsaicin in red chili also able to prevent blood clots that this makes us more healthy heart and make us avoid stroke.
10. Reduce Sore-sore
Then the last red chili benefit is that it can help relieve stiffness in the body. Kapsisikol compounds contained in chili will give effect to the body warm. Well, warm effect is able to help to relieve aches in our body.

Dangers of Hot Pepper

Although the red chili has many benefits for health, but this does not mean you can eat excessive red chili. As we know that chilli peppers contain capsaicin which these compounds provide a strong spicy flavor. If you consume too much capsaicin, it will cause severe irritation, a burning sensation on the tongue, mouth or throat. In addition, excessive consumption of red chili peppers can also make our digestion becomes impaired.
That red chili benefits for health that you may not know. But note, although chili has its benefits but not too much to consume as superfluous also not good for health.

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