24 Hours with Mark Harp

260 songs, each written and recorded in one session, 42 people with guitars and samplers and voices and stuff.


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4.1M 01 Jetsetter Recorded April 14, 1991. Mark Harp, Mike DeJong, Michele Kappel, Brian Daniloski, Jason Daniloski.
5.0M 02 High Roller Recorded April 13, 1991. Mark Harp, Mike DeJong, Sir Charles Chadwicke, Brian Daniloski, Jason Daniloski, Dave Zidek
5.3M 03 Drug Runner Recorded April 24, 1991. Mark Harp, Keith Wertz, Stoc Markut, Dave Zidek.
4.1M 04 Meat Puppet Recorded May 3, 1991. Mark Harp, Stoc Markut, Brian Daniloski, Jason Daniloski, Mike Hill.
4.0M 05 Cop Killer Recorded May 13, 1991. Mark Harp, Mike Anft, Mike DeJong, Amy Linthicum
4.1M 06 Rental Car Recorded July 9, 1991 in Los Angeles, CA. Mark Harp, Taso Kotsos
3.7M 07 Excuse Me Recorded July 20, 1991. Mark Harp, Jack O'Dell
4.3M 08 The Busy Indian Recorded September 25, 1991. Mark Harp, Mike Lane, Mike Anft, Amy Linthicum.
4.1M 09 Happy Birthday To Me, Huh? Recorded October 19, 1991. Mark Harp, Robert Linthicum
2.9M 10 Nineteen Recorded November 8, 1991. Mark Harp, Dave Zidek, Mike DeJong, Amy Linthicum, Michele Kappel, Bill Dawson, Stoc Markut.
3.2M 11 You Can Do It Recorded November 11, 1991. Mark Harp, Dave Wright.
1.6M 12 Fock Recorded December 3, 1991. Mark Harp, Dave Wright, Charlie Chadwick.
5.5M 13 Ralph Taped To The Fat Butt Recorded December 17, 1991. Mark Harp, Dave Wright.
  6.5M 14 Song Of The Bobolink Recorded December 29, 1991. Mark Harp, Charles Chadwick, Dave Wright.  

All songs written and performed by Globetrotters.
Recorded at El Gordo by Mark Harp

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