Fingerprint Reader for Building Security

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access controlThe sophistication of the technological world is not only visible in the world of digital as well as telecommunications, but also of the security system. With the fingerprint reader in each company, the level of fraud can be reduced and also the performance of employees will be more productive. The fingerprint machine is also not only used as a tool to know the presence and also the return of employees, but also to protect an important room.

Fingerprint Reader Function For Security

Every company must have documents, files and also important files that are confidential and also can not be seen by the arbitrary people. Therefore it needs a better security of human power to maintain the security of documents in a certain room. The use of fingerprint reader is considered an effective and best way to maintain security for 24 hours.

Here are the benefits of fingerprint access control system:

• Reduce security operational costs
Although the price of this machine is very expensive, but with the use of access control, the company can save more security operational costs and no need to hire the services of security personnel to protect and also keep the security of the room for 24 hours. The monthly rental fee of such security you can use for the benefit and the needs of other companies. The system also works 24 hours continuously without the need to be refilled or using paper and other tools. This tool also has a function to minimize the risk of loss due to the theft or sale of illegal data by employees who are not concerned. You could say that this tool is like CCTV that record the activities of the employees.

• Restrict public ac and area only staff
Large offices or skyscrapers usually have hundreds or even thousands of workers plus an outsider who may be passing by to take care of their own interests so there is no special supervision monitoring the activity. With the access control of the fingerprint machine, it can prevent the entry of unauthorized persons indiscriminately so that they can only enter after obtaining authorized authorization from certain parties. This is to prevent the occurrence of unwanted risk.

• Have the ability to record history or access recordings
Use of access control does have a function to record log history or record ready to enter or leave the work space without authority and also a clear command. This access is also directly connected with computer software so it makes it easier for personnel to create reports on employee discipline.
Weakness of Fingerprint Reader

Although there are several benefits and advantages of fingerprint reader, it is undeniable that there are some weaknesses and shortcomings of the tool so the company must find a way to overcome it or to outsmart it.

Here is the weakness of the fingerprint machine:

• It is difficult to read dirty, flaky, too dry or wounded fingerprints so that a scanning device can read a person’s fingerprint, the hand condition must be completely clean and perfect.
• The detection device can be damaged and also its performance decreases if not routinely cleaned.
• If the device is placed directly facing the light, the scanner performance will decrease.
• The price is still considered quite expensive for some companies

Hopefully the information on the Fingerprint Reader can be a reference for some companies who still rely on conventional security systems to start to change a system.

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