How often have plastic surgery is not known to others?

This is a good question, which would be difficult to answer with “proof”. So, as bio I say, I am a “medical connoisseur”, so you just have to believe it to me.

Hasil gambar untuk Seberapa sering operasi plastik tidak diketahui orang lain?

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MOST plastic surgery is not known by the person away from the patient and their family contacts. I’m specifically talking about the ordinary people you see – neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. One procedure that can make people realize it is a breast implant, which can quickly change your physical. Besides, even close friends also did not notice it – if you can explain why you disappeared for 10 days (recovery)?

The reason that this case because of the swelling and skills.


My friend lately getting plastic surgery on the nose of Dr. Robert Cohen. He disappeared for about a week and when she returned I asked “where your new nose?” He replied with, “it will take many months”. It makes me dizzy, as I like to think of myself as a “smart” with medical procedures. He describes it as “the last nose” will not show itself for some time. Several months passed and I am not kidding, I do not see a change – but no! If you compare the entirety of his new nose and nose before they are different – a little different!

The above story is one of many plastic surgery are not known. The recovery process is the same also applies to liposuction (swelling decreases over time, so you seemed to take care of), BOTOX (you can seem fresh), breast enhancement (perhaps push-up bra is new?) And so on! Results are pending.

DISCLAIMER: I will provide photographic evidence for claims above, but will result in losing a friend. He would prefer it if people do not know.


The reason many people do not know because Her doctor an artist. For example women under. Hump ​​back is taken from rhinoplasty. When you realize the difference profile, she hardly looks different from the next. In addition, the change in slope is not significant enough to ensure a spontaneous reaction of the people who see it, because it takes a long time to achieve it (swelling / recover). Lately, he does not look “fake”. He apparently still has a unique smile and personality. It was a good surgery. Now think about this – if one could change his nose and almost no one knows, think of the changes which may occur in the clothes?


I think because the media is tied to Hollywood and gossip magazines, they tend to focus on the moment “OMG !!!” (face-palm). No one wants to buy a magazine that claimed “we believe and may undergo plastic surgery for two years separating the two photos look different from each other.”. No, that will not happen. What happens is when someone becomes extreme. Someone who previously visible like Midwest darling, but now looks like an alien from the movie, The fifth element 🙂

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