How to know if the sunglasses are original?

Often, we buy a product believing it’s just a good offer – but actually we got tricked because it was a fake product . Counterfeit is especially harmful when it comes to sunglasses, because counterfeit lenses, in addition to lacking UV protection, can cause distortions in the eyesight and damage your eyes in the long run, causing serious health problems. It is best to invest in quality sunglasses!

How to know if the glasses are original

An original product made according to the norms and the control of quality of a brand will certainly have express differences in relation to a same pirated version. In the case of sunglasses, the main differences to be noted are those concerning the finish and arrangement of the product.

In order to know if the glasses are original observing the finish, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the elements that make up the pair of glasses, such as the frame, the lenses, the finishing details and the packaging.
Fake glasses often have different colors than the original model in the frame, since good quality paints are not used. Frequently, the very structure of the pair of glasses is more fragile and therefore has less impact resistance.

Another easy way to know if the glasses are original is by looking at the lenses: fake lenses produce a ” tired eye ” and produce distorted images . Another notable aspect is that, in general, the marks imprint their logo on one of the lenses – if the glasses are falsified, that impression will wear out more easily.

The finalizing details of fake glasses are often crude. It is possible that a pair of fake glasses has burrs, very large symbols on the sides, problems opening and closing, etc. Meanwhile, a glasses that is original has a neat finish.
The packaging is also a key factor in whether the glasses are original or not. The original eyewear packs are usually very sturdy and well made, and usually come with a certificate of authenticity of the product. On the other hand, fake glasses come in simple sachets and are not certified.

Care must be taken to “do not buy a cat for a hare”: before making your purchase, carefully observe all the details of the product and be sure that you will be taking home an authentic product. (

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