How to Sit People at the Table

Receiving guests at home for a special lunch or dinner is always a fun and enjoyable task. A good host knows how to receive elegance – in addition to the choice of dishes, cutlery, glasses and the menu, the mission also involves knowing how to arrange the guests in a harmonious way in order to generate the greatest possible integration.

Who sits at the head of the table?

Everyone knows that the headboard is the honor of the table: anyone who sits there can see and pay attention to everyone present at the reception. As a rule, whoever sits at the head of the table is the host, that is, the owner of the house where the lunch or dinner is going. In the case of a couple of hosts, each one sits at one headboard, right in front of the other.

Double-label when sitting at the table: sit in front or side?

Some etiquette rules vary from country to country and can lead to funny situations. In Brazil, it is common to see couples sitting side-by-side at restaurants – which generates a lot of repercussion among foreigners who are not accustomed to this type of behavior.

However, regarding the double etiquette when sitting at the table, the correct thing is that the couple sit one in front of the other. That way, when people sit at the table, mark the places of the couples so that one is seated before the other. This placement produces greater flow in the flow of conversations, which is highly beneficial to any reception.


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