Revere Pewter Color Combinations for Each Room in the House

Revere Pewter Color

Revere Pewter Color

As the popular color paint used in the modern house, Revere Pewter color combinations is still become the favorite choice for most of house owner. Following these revere pewter color scheme, you can determine the best color combination for each room in the house. It is important to choose the best color combination to make it blend well and one color doesn’t dominate each other. You should also choose the combination of revere pewter which can blend well to any furniture color. In fact, revere pewter is the neutral and simple color to blend with other color. It is because revere pewter is the color which is close to soft gray but had slight soft brown in it. Then, you can combine this color with both any kinds of gray and also brown.

For the Revere Pewter Color Combinations which will use in each room, we will give simple example for it based on the revere pewter color scheme. First is for the main living room area, revere pewter from Benjamin Moore brand can be used for the whole wall on the living room. This color will welcome your guest with soft and warm feeling. Revere pewter can be match with any living room furniture from the classic chandelier or even modern hanging lamp. Then this color can also match with modern or traditional furniture, without distracting the main the concept.

Then, Chelsea Gray color from Benjamin Moore can be applied for hallway. As revere pewter is slightly soft and bright, it is suggested to use slight darker for the hallway. In fact, hallway is not the main place in the house and is the connection path between each room. Then, giving the darker color for hallway, can give a bit surprise when guest entering other room which is brighter than hallway. You don’t need to worry that the dark color will dominate the whole color in the house, since Chelsea gray is the color which is not overly darken, but smooth and calm.

The next Revere Pewter Color Combinations is designed for master bedroom. As the revere pewter used for the main living room area is from Benjamin Moore, then for the master room you can use comfort gray from Sherwin Williams. It is not big deal to combine both brand in the house. In fact, comfort gray from Sherwin Williams can blend well with the main revere pewter concept. It is because SW comfort gray had neutral and smooth color, which is perfect for resting. It will give you best time and sweet dream in the night, as the color plays big role for the comfort while resting.

Other color which equivalent to revere pewter color scheme are veiled violet, Dove Tail and Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. Veiled Violet can be applied for girls bed color paint, as it is calm, neutral, and accommodating, which are just the best for girlish vibe. While for boy room, dove tail will be perfect as it is slightly darker. Then, repose gray can be applied for bathroom area, as it is lighter and bring clean sensation.

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